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Other beautiful products, which not only make a stylish addition to your garden or patio, but are also a useful tool, include smoke houses and fireplaces. 

These original products – a bio-heater and our smoke houses made from barrels, enriched with the aroma of red wine – will conjure up a magical atmosphere on your terrace.


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Electric smoker from an oak barrel 225 L | walnut shade

It is a fully automated smoker, which includes a smoke generator with temperature monitoring and a heating coil at the bottom of the smoker. There is a heating coil at the bottom of the smokehouse, which heats the smokehouse space to the required temperature according to the adjustable control unit, which is located on the outside of the smokehouse stand.

It is smoked using a smoke generator, into which wood chips are poured, ignited, and then the released smoke is blown by an air motor into the smokehouse through the rear opening.

Price 19,999.00