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close | French barriques & wine s.r.o.

Welcome to our website.

drevene sudy na destovou vodu | Filip Janda

Wooden rainwater barrels | Filip Janda We would like to offer you a wide range of barrels. Our satisfied customers are not only wine makers, but also wine lovers, wood lovers, and gardeners. We want to help you improve your homes, bring joy of nice corners of pergolas, halls, cellars, and gardens, where we will replace plastic rainwater barrels with barrels made from natural material. For wine makers, we offer original barrels, refurbished barrels, and brand-new barrels with a possibility to have your logo burned on. We also supply barrels for company events or weddings, where they serve as a decoration or e.g., a table. Last but not least, we recommend a barrel with engraving as a very original birthday or wedding gift.  

Who are we? 

Yes, we are a company that specializes in barrels from France, but who are we? We are an enthusiastic couple who want to offer something original and useful - a quality and affordable product, perfect, and handmade. Looking for a barrel for ourselves has led us to the idea of ensuring the demand for barrels in the CR and refurbishing barrels for our customers. Many barrels we have sold now decorate wine bas, gardens and homes, and we are constantly developing and further extending our offer. Your demand drives us on – and demand from the neighbours and relatives of our satisfied customers gives us positive feedback. Our customers include also satisfied wine makers. We also want to thank our friends in France who provide us with the barrels from Bordeaux, from famous wineries and carefully select the best ones for you – our customers.