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Our barrel rental offers oak barrels for rent, which can be used for several purposes, such as decoration or tables at company events, weddings, wine festivals or open cellar days. Winemakers can also rent them for temporary wine storage or for transportation of wine.  

Oak barrels are also a popular decorative object because of their rustic appearance due to their rustic appearance and historic character. They can be used as a decoration both indoors and outdoors. Our “Barrel rental” offers barrels in different size categories to suit the needs and wishes of our customers. 

Our company is also able to offer other uses of barrels to wine producers who seek for quality and secure wine storage. Oak barrels are ideal for this purpose, as they provide excellent protection against light and heat. The barrels are also suitable for transporting wine to various locations, because they are strong and durable. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and describe how many barrels, for which purpose, and for how long you need the barrels. 

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