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Tasting Table from Barrel with Board Ø 100 cm Black and 4 x Chairs



Tasting Barrel Bordeaux Black in a set with stylish bar chairs and a solid board.

This furniture set made from oak barrel is suitable for a cellar, wine bar, pub, or your own wine corner at home—anywhere you want to create a pleasant atmosphere and be original. The chair is crafted from planks of a used barrel that aged wine, so it's not just a piece of furniture but wood with a story that can bring joy to your space.

Both the barrel and chair are treated with an oak-tone oil finish, and the rustic look is accentuated by the massive 80 cm diameter board. The hoops are painted with black smith color.

Suitable for both interior and exterior use.


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Dimensions of the tasting barrel

Height: 95 cm

Diameter across the belly: 70 cm


Board thickness: 2 cm

Diameter: 100 cm

Dimensions of the chair

Total height: 115 cm

Height of the lower part without backrest: 70 cm

Seat: 44 x 39 cm

stůl 100bblack4židle
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