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Catching rainwater is not the only way to use oak wine barrels - there are many others. Bathing in oak barrels is becoming more and more popular nowadays - it is a popular wellness activity. Many wellness centers and accommodation facilities offer bathing in oak barrels as the “icing on the cake” and are rightly proud of offering this activity. This relaxation and wellness activity brings a lot of health benefits and is a really great relaxation. 

If you have a garden, there is not the slightest problem to buy an oak barrel and enjoy your time relaxing any time you want to in the privacy of your own garden. Oak barrels, originally used for wine storage, are made of quality oak tree, which shows a great moisture resistance. They are designed to ensure maximum comfort and hold plenty of water. So why not use this feature for more than just catching rainwater for watering the garden? 

Health benefits of bathing barrels

It is necessary to point out that bathing in oak barrels also has a lot of health benefits. For example, you can heat the water in the barrel using a heat pump. Heated water improves blood circulation, relieves muscle and joint pain, and reduces stress. Bathing in oak barrels also helps in detoxification of the body and helps the body to get rid of toxins.  

Oak barrels can also be used for hardening - instead of enjoying bathing in warm water, you slip into ice-cold water. Hardening using cold water is very beneficial for your health and you can enjoy it now in your garden and do not have to spend a lot of time traveling to the nearest body of water in nature.  

Relaxation and romance 

In addition to health benefits, bathing in oak barrels has also become a popular form of relaxation and recreation. An increasing number of people enjoy bathing in warm water while watching the night sky or listening to relaxing music. Moreover, bathing in oak barrels can easily be combined with other forms of relaxation, such as aroma therapy or massage. A relaxing evening batch also helps clean and relax after a long, busy and stressful day and helps you fall asleep easily and sleep well. 

What to consider when buying a barrel

When buying an oak bathing barrel, it is important to make sure that the barrel is made of quality wood that is properly treated to protect it from moisture. Moreover, you have to choose the right size so that the barrel can hold enough water and is comfortable for bathing.  

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