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Wooden barrels, especially oak barrels, have been used since ancient times for aging of the finest wine. However, they can be used only a limited number of times for wine and therefore, once they have fulfilled their primary task, they can be used as design objects that are useful not only in the interior but also in gardens and cottage yards. 

Our company offers its customers barrels for aging of wine for wineries, distilleries, and breweries; moreover, we also offer bathing barrels, rainwater barrels, barrel tables, bars, and smoke houses. We also engrave logos on barrels at the customer's request. Our satisfied customers include winemakers, as well as wine lovers, wood lovers, and gardeners. Oak barrels are imported from France, and we carefully select the best barrels in famous wineries. Thanks to this, we can bring original, quality, and affordable handcrafted products to the Czech market.  

Refurbished barrels

dubový sud na dešťovou vodu

Oak rainwater barrel Our refurbished barrels are divided into several categories. The first category is refurbished rainwater barrels. Oak water barrels come in capacities ranging from 225 to 700 liters. The barrels always have an open top lid and you can also buy a tap or holder for easier manipulation. 

You can also order oak decorative barrels, which serve, e.g., as side tables for cellars, hallways, or stylish living rooms not only in cottages. A new trend is to have a barrel table in men's corners at weddings. Decorative barrels are also widely used at various banquets or company and private social events as serving tables. You can also rent barrels for social events.

We offer wide, stylish solid plates for the barrels, which are very popular with bar and restaurant owners. A barrel bar, which opens in the front and has a shelf inside, has become a popular present. 

Another category is the bathing barrels with a capacity of 360 - 640 liters. We can offer original steps and other accessories for our oak bathing barrels. Another interesting product is a smoke house made of barrels, a complete product with a fireplace and accessories. Our offer includes pots and planters from smaller ones to those of up to 450 liters. Our customers often order planters for olive trees or palm trees.  

Engraving is a very popular and demanded service, which we make on 225-liter barrels.  

Barrels for refurbishment

If you enjoy working with wood and are interested in refurbishing your barrel or make something new out of it, we can offer barrels for refurbishment. Barrels for refurbishment are offered at a lower price and we like any idea of how to use them. Like other oak barrels in our offer, barrels for refurbishment are discharged from French cellars and are offered for sale without any modifications. Our customers use them to make their own smok houses, water barrels, planters, tables, etc. There is a wide range of the use of oak barrels and there are certainly no limits to imagination and new ideas. For beginners, there are some useful hints and tips to refurbish an oak wine barrel. 

How to refurbish a barrel  

Very important advice when refurbishing a barrel is to never remove all the hoops; otherwise the barrel would fall apart. When we refurbish a barrel, we first remove the hoops from the middle part of the barrel, without taking off the upper and bottom hoop which hold the barrel together. Subsequently, we sand the barrel and put the middle hoops back - this will require more strength. Don´t be afraid of it, the wood is easy to sand, the barrel walls are strong and sanding is easy. The barrel should be painted with natural oak-toned oil and the hoops with blacksmith´s paint, which holds up well and is durable.

Planters made of oak barrels

dubový sud na dešťovou vodu

Oak rainwater barrel If you want to make a planter out of an oak barrel, the procedure is the same as above. If you place the barrel outside, the soil should be poured directly in the barrel and a few holes should be drilled in the bottom to drain off excess water. If you want to use the barrel as a pot in the interior, we recommend placing a PVC foil inside the barrel. The plant can be grown in a plastic pot and you can use the wooden barrel as a decorative container. Watering plants will cause no problems, as the oak wood reacts well to water. 

Small wooden garden pond

A small garden pond is a great option for small gardens where you want to place a small water body but you don't have enough space for building a traditional pond. An oak barrel is great for building a mini-pond which you can place anywhere you like. How to do it? Place a wooden barrel in the selected location. Remember that it will be quite heavy once filled with water so choose the location carefully in advance. Next, clean the barrel with a sorghum brush. Then fill one third of the barrel, whose minimal depth should be 30 centimeters, with standing water. Place several stones in the bottom of the barrel, thus making suitable steps for the plants. Stack clean and flat bricks on top of the stones at different heights depending on the submergence tolerance of the plants. Select suitable plants for each step and place them in plastic baskets. Place the baskets on the appropriate steps in the mini-pond. Please remember that the pond should be emptied completely before the winter and that the aquatic plants in the baskets need to be stored in a room where it never freezes.

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