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Are you organizing a social event and thinking about how to make it special and unforgettable for the guests not only in terms of the program? Have you ever heard of tables made from oak barrels?

Refurbished oak wine barrels are increasingly more often used as a beautiful and stylish accessory for social events.

  A great advantage of oak barrels is their durability and resilience. Oak barrels are made of carefully selected and processed oak wood of high quality, which makes them very strong and resilient, and their durability is in the order of years. Using the barrels as a piece of furniture makes them a historical and stylish decorative element not only because of the beauty of the oak wood but also thanks to its unusual and graceful shape. Barrel woods as tables offer a wide range of use and can be used for various types of events, such as banquets, weddings, exhibitions, and many others. 

Barrel tables elevate your style

Wood is deservedly one of the most popular natural materials and helps create a cozy and nice environment both indoors and outdoors. Creating a nice and cozy environment is very important for organizers of any event, as together with good food, drinks and program, it creates a positive atmosphere which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. Stylish oak barrels will also help create a feeling of luxury and elegance, which is a great benefit for the successful course of formal events. 

Variability of barrel tables

Oak barrel tables, which you can rent for your planned social event are available in various size categories. This enables you to sell barrel tables to suit your needs. Large tables are suitable for serving meals and drinks in a banquet style or as main tables for buffet style dining. Smaller tables will find use in smaller spaces or as a complement to other types of tables, or as a side table in a coffee corner. There is an almost unlimited range of possibilities you can choose from – use your imagination!

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  • Stůl z dubového sudu ....
    By: Pavel Valeš On 06/06/2023

    Lze u vás stůl z dubového sudu koupit?
    S poděkováním za odpověď.